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Our bags are unapologetically masculine in style but in a world where unisex dominates — where it is a choice between conservative, bland aesthetics or pastel colours — we have carved out our niche that hopefully appeals to you. I wanted to create a suitcase which valued both durability, aesthetics, strength, performance and weight saving features. Not one or the other. It had to be tough to survive the constant abuse a frequent traveller bag takes, it had to last a lifetime, and it had to perform to best-in-class standards. It is a very hard line to play but I think we nailed it.

This was a decision which had to be taken from day one. What sort of case will it be? Hard case or 2. Soft case? This was an easy decision. In my view, hard shells perform far better as check-in bags than they do as hand luggage, protecting your belongings in the rough and tumble of airport baggage carousel life. Hard shell cases are not compactable.

Moreover, trying to close a hard shell bag when it is full is near impossible. The leisure traveller wants to get to their destination and enjoy it, not spend it at the airport. Furthermore, the leisure traveller, and majority of business travellers for that matter, does not want to pay for excess baggage fees.

Lastly — no one wants the dreaded situation of luggage not showing up on the carousel at the final destination airport. Airline carry-on size limitations can be imposed on travellers both in terms of weight and dimensions. So keeping the weight down is imperative.

Travelling can be at times a very stressful experience so the last thing you want is your gear to fail. The list is very long as to why suitcases with tech are a gimmick. As a designer sometimes the hardest thing is to design something which is simple, clean and effective. With a carry-on bag, you want something that is fast, nimble and light — but you also want something which can handle being thrown in the back of a taxi, dragged through downtown streets or squeezed into an overhead compartment of a regional jet over and over again.

The selection of components was incredibly important to me. Straight off, it had to have the best wheels and telescopic handle. Best Seller. Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath from London. Warner Bros. Destination Expert for Air Travel. Re: how easy is it to take luggage on the tube. Leslie G. Destination Expert for London. LeBiscuit D. Reply to: how easy is it to take luggage on the tube.

The Best Lightweight Luggage You Can Buy in | Travel + Leisure

Read our community guidelines. Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted. Ask a question. Trip Report- 4 Midwesterners in London June Dover, England train London visitor useful apps recommendations One day in London Tentative 5-day itinerary for family of 5 - feedback please Gatwick to Preston Breakfast Near the British Museum Travel packages for London London Trip queries Are attractions tickets ever sold out except harry potter? See All London Conversations.

Imagine driving late at night and seeing this...*CREEPY*

COM 24 replies. Related hotels Knightsbridge Hotel. Show Prices. Corner House Hotel. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London. Park Grand London Kensington. The Tower Hotel.

The Best Lightweight Luggage for Traveling

Hotel The Montague on The Gardens. Park Grand Paddington Court. Crowne Plaza London Kensington. All hotels in London If I had known about luggage free, I would have shipped half of our luggage ahead of time to meet us in Australia. What NOT to do! You might think this kind of service sounds too good to be true, but it works! You can make your booking online or via the phone. The online booking process is very simple, and should only take 5 minutes to do.

On the day of pick-up a professional delivery expert will pick up your luggage, and once delivered you will received an email to confirm your luggage has been successfully delivered. They price standard luggage by the pound which is a nice change from most companies who charge bulk pricing. I mean, why should you pay the higher weight if your luggage weighs significantly less? Time saver. Print your boarding pass at home so you can get to the airport and walk past those queues of frustrated passengers waiting to check in their luggage.

Ease of transportation.

How to Measure a Suitcase for Southwest Airlines

No waiting for bags. The average time at a baggage carousel is 30 minutes.

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Obviously, a massive perk of traveling luggage free is being able to bypass all of those suckers waiting for their luggage. Beat the rush to exit the airport and get on with your travels sooner than everyone else. Great option for the physically challenged. If you have physical limitations or disabilities which mean you have a hard time moving heavy suitcases, Luggage Free will definitely suit you.

Luggage free is a fantastic service which means I can have my cake and eat it too.

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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! I actually used a service like this to move to Paris. They picked up two very heavy suitcases and in about 30 hours, my stuff had been delivered in France. So nice! Amazing Leah! Especially for expats like me that are relocating to a different country, but decide to travel prior to arriving at the new destination, it makes a lot of sense.

Cutting time spent at the airport is also something that I think everyone would like to do! Especially as an expat who makes a lot of international moves : If you try the service let us know what you think!

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It does sound amazing especially for long trips when you have to carry a lot or hav eto change flights. I am going to check it out for sure. The hidden fees associated with baggage really are starting to get ridiculous. I say we boycott the airlines and just ship it to where we want to go :D!

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I would definitely use this service, especially for ski and snowboard gear. I would probably rent as well instead of trying to travel with all that equipment and gear. Though those costs add up too, so depending on how long the ski trip is, a service like this could actually save you :.

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