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The spanish dream

With his family comfortably settled in, he began construction of the castle and renovation of the grounds. The ancient castle in Paronella Park during a rain storm in the tropical north of Queensland, Australia. They installed benches, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a playground, fountains, and waterfalls on the land, and the castle itself included a large foyer, a large community room, a movie theatre, and places to buy refreshments. A visiting Paronella Park in the tropical north of Queensland, Australia. In , Paronella Park was opened. The Paronella family held parties and dances for the locals, raised money for the Spanish civil war, and, during the second world war, the park became popular with American soldiers.

Afterwards, troubles began.

The hydroelectric system and the lower levels were all but destroyed. Repairs were completed and the castle was once again opened. About the same time, a tropical cyclone hit Queensland, causing major damage to the park. His daughter, Teresa, had married and moved away, and Margarita and their son, Joe, attempted to keep the park going.

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In , Margarita died, and Joe passed away in which left the park in the hands of the Paronella grandchildren. Floods in , , and further damaged the park, and it became too much of a burden for the family. Two years later, a fire destroyed virtually everything except for the outer walls of the castle, causing the park to close.

In , Cyclone Winifred further damaged the grounds, and the site was abandoned to the jungle. Paronella Park in the tropical north of Queensland, Australia.

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In , Mark and Judy Evans bought the park with the intention of restoring it to its former glory. The hydroelectric system was shipped off to Germany for restoration and was reinstalled in , bringing sustainable power back to the park. While I ran the gym, Jeremy worked as an estate agent.

We became a part of the community there and it was everything we had dreamed of.

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Of course, there were days when living in Spain drove me bonkers. It was a very rural area and there was a big cultural difference between us and the locals. We did mix but found that we were drawn towards other expats because of the familiarity. Not that it mattered to us — we were so happy. Last year, however, we had to face facts: our carefree existence in Spain had turned into a struggle to survive. We had left England knowing that we were going to live a frugal life that was richer in other ways.

During the recession, the property business dried up and our gym, which had been doing so well, became harder to run at a profit. We watched it happening to our friends and neighbours. Day by day, another family would have to sell up and move home. By the end, even the hard-working people who had put their life savings into their businesses had to go home. Whole communities were devastated. There were people leaving home in the middle of the night and disappearing; ditching their cars at the airport and never coming back.

We were forced to sell our gym, and my husband used the money to retrain in fire and rescue on oil rigs. For two years beforehand, he had looked for a job — everywhere from America to Aberdeen — and eventually, through a friend in Spain, got offered one in Dubai.

We would have done anything not to leave our home, and the original plan was that he would work one month on and one month off, so we could all be together in Spain. We tried it for a year, but the strain on our relationships was too much. Six months ago, we bit the bullet, rented out our beautiful house and moved the family to Dubai. Returning to the UK, we decided, would only be our last resort. I said I would never live in a big city again, and definitely not London. Today, looking out over the tower blocks of smoggy Dubai, I miss Spain dearly.

Mojacar is still home to me; I say that with a lump in my throat.

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Once I get a full time job here, the plan is to save some money, pay off our mortgage and, in the longer term, retire to Spain. We hope to be one of the lucky ones; the ones who get to move back. The best way to transfer money overseas. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast.