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The same brother, years later, cuckolds WS. Similarly, the boy heroines of the comedies are prompted by both Annes.

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But it is Cleopatra who dominates the imagery of the novel. All roads, for Burgess and for WS, lead to the East. More interesting, perhaps, is the way in which most of the characters appear to be inspired by that of WS himself. Burgess frequently sought to find or invent similarities between himself and Shakespeare.

He goes a step further in Nothing Like the Sun , giving himself, or a version of himself, a role in the novel. The lecturer becomes progressively drunker during the lecture, drinking the samsu his students have bought him as a farewell gift.

Nothing Like Love by Sabrina Ramnanan: Review

In the final pages of the novel, the characters of the lecturer and the playwright become merged. The Epilogue is written in the first person but not, Burgess says, directly that of WS. Burgess paints himself into that portrait. Uploaded By jacobus.

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