12 Ways to Be a Confident Speaker

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Mastering the use of such a tool can make you a better public speaker. We communicate better in an environment where we feel comfortable. As such, you can take some time to visit your stage and familiarize yourself with it. Learn its expanse and practice the body language that you will use.

Dedicate specific parts of the stage to major talking points in your speech. This will help you to become a better public speaker.

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You can only get better by observing those who are better than you. Make time to attend conferences, workshops and other locations where there are public speakers. Look at how they present and spot their techniques.

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After that, apply them in your own speeches. This will definitely make you a better public speaker. Set a high bar for the rest of your speech by beginning on a high note. This can be done with an interesting story or a joke. This will help you to relax. It will also create a rapport between you and your audience.

In this way, they become more receptive to you and your content. There is always a lot of pressure on us when we make a speech or presentation in public. You can reduce it by engaging your audience. Have them perform an exercise with you or share their own stories. This will make your speech interesting and make you a better public speaker.

As you make your speech, the audience members will definitely have some questions for you. You can make them more willing to ask these questions by having rewards for those who participate. The transformation all started when I began playing the violin at the age of After graduate school I became a university instructor, lecturing several times a week to large groups.

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And for the past 25 years I was president of a company—The Humphrey Group—that teaches leaders all over the world how to speak. Acceptance of a problem is the beginning of a solution. Some people might find reasons not to give a speech or even speak up at meetings.

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But examine those excuses. Ask yourself where they come from. Was I nervous when I played my violin to audiences as a teenager? Was I nervous when I went on stage as a university lecturer in front of hundreds of undergrads?

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  7. But I did it anyway, knowing that I was afraid. This same pattern continued even when I became head of a firm that teaches executives to speak. The confidence I now have on stage has come from facing my fear head on and accepting that giving speeches may not feel great—but I need to do it anyway.

    Fear can be your enemy, but it can also be your friend. Because the butterflies can lead you to prepare well. Begin your preparation earlier than your more confident colleagues might. Create draft after draft. Put time into practicing, too. Then practice yourself, or ask one of your kids to listen to you. Saying it out loud will prepare you well for that live audience. Connect with your audience.

    Look people in the eye, one at a time, as you speak to them. The audience wants you to succeed.

    10 Ways to Create a Confident Mindset for Speaking

    Act confident. Hold your chin up. Stick your chest out.

    When you do this, you will feel confident. Remember, YOU are the authority on the subject and they want to hear what you have to say. Use humor wherever possible. Offer the right message mix inform, persuade, entertain, interact Establish credibility by the use of facts, statistics, and stories.

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