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The British prime minister Margaret Thatcher was famously given a handbag by her style adviser.

Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand

Germany's Angela Merkel , who has admitted feeling occasionally gauche, has her own solution: she rests her hands in front of her stomach, in what has become known as the "Merkel-Raute" or Merkel diamond. The Merkel diamond is probably one of the most recognisable hand gestures in the world, which is why her Christian Democrat party CDU has decided to use the image on a massive poster at Berlin's central railway station, the Hauptbahnhof, in the lead up to the September 22 elections.

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Compiled from 2, tiny pictures of her supporters, the image, stretched across 70 metres by 20 metres, stands alone without a logo. Round the corner, on an orange poster, are emblazoned the words: "Germany's future in good hands. Analysts have said it is the pinnacle so far of the party's attempts to cash in on the Merkel personality cult. He pointed out the heavy symbolism of its location: next to the central station and close to the seat of power in Berlin, the chancellery and the Reichstag building, home of the Bundestag. This means that one of the sounds was changed to make another similar sound that is easier to say.

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For example, if we say two vowels with one in the front part of the mouth and the other in far back of the mouth, it will require us to put more effort than if we pronounced them closer together. By trying to pronounce these vowels together, the Germanic language got umlauts.

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Umlauts are characterized by the two dots on top of the letter and they are very useful for learning German. They are crucial in being grammatically correct and pronouncing the words right. To make matters more complicated, each of these umlauts has two variations. The difference between short and long umlauts is that the sounds you make while saying them will just differ in length. Instead of holding a sound too long, you will say it quicker for short umlauts, while for long umlauts, you will have to hold the sound for a bit.

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German umlauts are highly useful in the language, but for non-native speakers they are difficult sounds to master. That is because there are no equivalent sounds in English that sound the same as the umlauts in German.

He’s got the whole world in His hands

So to be able to learn how to pronounce German umlauts, we have to try and approximate the sounds using existing words. Since there are two variations of this type of umlaut, we have to go through both of them and give examples. These apples taste very good. Most beginners will have a difficult time pronouncing this umlaut and English speakers will have the urge to glide the umlaut into a different vowel. You must try not to do this because the German vowels and umlauts do not mix with each other in pronunciation as is the case in English.

For English speakers specifically, this is difficult because English does not have a sound which is similar to it. So if you are learning German, you must be careful on how you pronounce this umlaut and practice it a lot. Please do not open the window. The picture is very pretty.

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Unfortunately, this umlaut is almost impossible to find in any English word so there any no examples of it in the language. Please do not throw the rubbish on the floor. Reading how to pronounce something and seeing examples can give you a pretty good idea how to pronounce the umlauts. However, it is much better when you listen to it.

Eager handshakes and chaotic queues: On German manners

The video below gives a short overview on how to pronounce the German umlauts. There was even a spoof ad for an industrial-strength adhesive which used the Merkel hands image and asked: "How does she take off her jacket? Now, like her nickname "Mutti" Mummy , the hands have been turned to a strength.

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An iconic symbol of power. They can be expected to respond again to what is said to be the largest ever campaign poster in the history of German elections.

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