My Prison Without Bars: The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Someplace Normal

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Then the majority of the rest of the book was the mundane life of a woman who needed counseling. Written well, but really just stories and accounts that ment nothing to the main idea of the book. No woman who has experienced this pain can hear you over your desire to write. Hope you feel accepted.

And good in your world. Hope you feel the way you need. Honestly, you make money off that. The hurt that can not be fixed Very, very good story. Hits close to home for me with the abuse. Brought back memories I thought I had forgot. The story was well told and equally performed. You could distinguish the characters and you could feel the emotion. However, it seemed too graphic. I think the story could've been told without all the graphic details. It was very important to thoroughly know the main character but I didn't need to hear the graphic details of her first real romance and and details of her sexual conquest with him.

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The story did not seem like it was real. I still have serious doubts that all these things happened to this one girl. It seemed to be an autobiography but it is hard to believe that this one girl could be so perfect. Apparently she was sang beautifully, she was an athlete, she had great grades, she could hold two jobs and still graduate with honors oh and not to mention that she was absolutely beautiful.

It all seemed exaggerated. What would have made My Prison Without Bars better? I have no serious doubt that the author suffered a horrendously traumatic, abusive childhood. Child abuse is a particular interest of mine I have a Master's in Counseling but this was the worst case I have ever heard of. However, then she goes on, hour after hour, recounting the series of ludicrously abusive, vicious, humiliating relationships for the next decade or so. It came to the point where I finally thought, "She is making these up - no one could possibly run into this many psychopaths, both male and female.

What was your reaction to the ending? No spoilers please! The ending was a total blank. All I know is that she was still married to a jerk who cheated on her - repeatedly - then saw the light after she was brutally beaten and raped by and murdered the jealous son of her original assailant.

Left me completely hanging. Which character — as performed by Em Eldridge — was your favorite? However, I would like to compliment the reader for her ability to remain animated and credible through the reading of this awful, and pointlessly lengthy, book. What character would you cut from My Prison Without Bars? Taylor, the one the whole book was about, and all of her lovers, rapists, abusers, in-laws, relatives, etc.

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  • In short, the whole book. For every guy she dated over the years after her escape from her step father, she gave a full - and repetitive - recounting of his tongue forcing its way into her mouth, the incredible tingle and heat moving down from her chest to her "girl parts," him pulling on her nipples, then forcing himself, or trying to force himself, on her, followed in one way or another by a horrible betrayal.

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    She seems to think she invented sex and orgasm. In addition to the story stretching credulity, she is a terrible writer. She mis-uses or over-uses many common words and colloquialisms, such as "testicular fortitude" instead of "intestinal fortitude. Much as I sympathize with victims of child abuse, I think a large proportion of this book was simply invented in her over-active imagination.

    Sorry, Taylor. Very good book, couldn't put it down and a brilliant reader. This is not just a book 'based on a true story' it is based on the truth. The human psyche is capable of some sick attitudes and this book explores them all including their aftermath. I liked it very much though nothing in it shocked or horrified me. However I would say it might shock most readers. It tells the sotry of rape among other things and a weak man in a relationship. In fact it seems Taylor, the author had a lot of trouble picking a nice guy or in fact anyone nice at all.

    My only criticism was that she didn't complete the story which she opened with in the prologue which centred on an attack in a hotel room in Daytona which leaves the reader wondering where it fits in with the rest of the story. Even at the end when it happens again it's not clear how the first eppisode ended except obviously in ehr survival. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about human depravity and the instinct for survival.

    Don't read it if you are of a fragile nature or personality. Very very sad indeed she really was given a bad set of cards in her life, You just can't believe these sorts of things go on. By: Taylor Evan Fulks. Narrated by: Em Eldridge. Length: 16 hrs and 1 min. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. No Reviews are Available. Sort by:.

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    Most Helpful Most Recent. Taylor suffers horrific attacks, even to the story's end. The reader learns that sexual predators often speak too fondly of their preys and succeed in destroying the lives of those around them, as the son of Taylor's stepfather attacks her at the story's end. This book opens with Taylor lying on a bed with broken ribs, gasping for breath, a broken nose, and a possible concussion. The year was and she was on Spring Break when she was assaulted.

    At this point the narrative shifts back through time to West Texas in the s. She was practically a baby when her mother divorced him and married a former boyfriend, Gene. Gerald signed a document giving up all rights to Taylor and Gene adopted her. The games led to fondling her which led to rape.

    After years of torture, abuse, threats and manipulation Taylor kicked him where it hurt and told her mother about the abuse she suffered for years at his hands. Her mother left him for a while and then allowed him back in their life. Eventually she was placed in foster care but even there she was not safe. She married Tony and had two children when she discovered his unfaithfulness.

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    It seemed that all her life she had a sign on her back that said 'abuse me. It was at this point in her life that she realized she could only be a victim if she allowed herself to be the victim. She realized that no one was going to come to her rescue. It was time to stop thinking her mother would protect her. It was time to fight for her own life. I would like to deal with the technical part of this review first. This book is well written. The plot is well done and well developed. Now to the content: A good writer can describe something and allow the reader to picture it in their mind's eye.

    A great writer can describe something and allow the reader to experience it. Fulks is a great writer. I felt as if I was Taylor. I was horrified by the pain and degradation she was forced to endure.

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    I could smell the mixture of blood and semen. I could hear her scream.

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    I am appalled at what she suffered. I wanted to shake her mother. Perhaps it helped the nightmares to stop. I believe Taylor put pen to paper in the hope that her story would help someone else. I admire Taylor Evan Fulks for baring her soul so that others might be saved. Kindle Book Giveaway! School, Library or Charity?

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