Il segreto del magnetismo personale (Italian Edition)

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Alla prima carta, dedica autografa di Antonio Brures ad Ada Negri che identifica l'esemplare, come appartenuto alla celebre poetessa e scrittrice, Ada Negri Lodi, 3 febbraio - Milano, 11 gennaio prima ed unica donna ed essere accolta all'Accademia d'Italia. Una leggera traccia di sporco al piatto anteriore ma nel complesso in buone condizioni di conservazione e arricchita da interessantissima provenienza.

Il Mistero Del Treno Italiano Che Svanì Nel Nulla In Un Tunnel

Prima edizione di questa importante opera del noto letterato e filosofo bolognese di origine belga, Bologna - Roma L'autore fu vicecancelliere dell'Accademia d'Italia e segretario della Fondazione del Vittoriale. Pur dedicandosi principalmente agli studi dannunziani, Bruers scrisse varie opere di approfondimento filosofico particolarmente incentrate sugli studi mistici e spiritualisti. Esemplare in buono stato di conservazione, con dedica autografa ed appartenuto ad Ada Negri. Brossura editoriale. In parte ancora a fogli chiusi. Buono stato di conservazione. Prima edizione italiana.

Bel exemplaire. Manipulations mentales, Telepathies, Hallucinations, quelle realite? Tres bel exemplaire, proche du neuf.

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Contributions de A. CARR, etc. Tres bel exemplaire. Bel exemplaire, tres frais. Figures in-t. Excellent etat. Trasmissione del pensiero. Terza edizione. In buono stato good copy. Libreria antiquaria Dedalo M. Magno Occultis.

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Collana Occultismo 1. Lawrence Waterway Seaway - some of the many cogent arguments against the construction of this costly outlest from the west to the sea; Autocratic versus Democratic Diplomacy - past experience shows there is a definite need for a better understanding between military and civil officials; Scientific American's second test of telepathy; From the archeologist's notebook; Flies raised to test death sprays; The literary value of mathematical tables; Amateur astronomers' home-made observatories; Fly fast - land slow; A "Different" art museum in Toledo, Ohio; A mechanical cow; How beer is brewed; The world's most efficient pump - the heart.

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Average soiling and wear. Inside of back cover features full-page advertisement from the National Publishers Association which quotes John H. Patterson, Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Fortune Ryan's words from past depressions and concludes "American has beaten 19 Major Depressions - she will beat this one Average wear.

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Small openings at top and bottom of spine. A whole consciousness catalog - ways to alter your consciousness without drugs. Methods, techniques, and ways involve yourself, help from others, devices and machines. Decorative rubber stamp and faint erasure upon title page else unmarked. Light to moderate wear. Reprint of the first edition.

Binding intact. A sound copy. Features: Dr. John D. Strong; The Appalachian Trail; Detailed drawing of a newly designed lightship which will replace the ill-fated Nantucket; Surprising discoveries in the near east show that iron, glass, the arch, and bathrooms were in use far earlier than formerly supposed; Telepathy and Clairvoyance in a Trance Medium - an intensive series of tests conducted with a medium Mrs.

Eileen J. Garrett and her spirit control showed the spirit to be no better as a telepathist than the medium; How bright is a lightning bug? Above-average external wear. Front cover nearly detached. Tape along backstrip.

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Not pretty but an informative vintage issue. Uys, Stanley; Rhine, Dr. Features: Nice one-page photo ad for Ipana tooth paste features model Mrs. Frances Nalle Crider and her two children; Page 4 provides a valuable history of this publication with a photo of founder Lieut-Col. John Bayne Maclean and Horace T. Philip Mountbatten; Toronto? E-r, u-h - an adopted son finds some odd skeletons in her closet; Photo of A. It's up to each one of us to choose freely. This book explains the scientific bases on which Dr.

Fincati's knowledge and techniques are built. Thanks to his revolutionary insights, Dr.

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The book covers, in a simple and direct language, the findings of New Biology,quantum physics theories and the principles of Informational Medicine. This book is an essential step in understanding what we can do with our lives. The techniques taught by Marco can literally "turbo-boost" inner and personal growth, restore physical health, and help us find our purpose on this planet. It works for anyone who applies it, in any sphere of human life. There are no limits to the results that may be obtained with the correct application of these techniques.

And above all, they are simple and affordable to everyone. Discovering how our unconscious mind really works, and how to communicate with it, we get back in touch with our inner realm. We tap into the Energy that pervades every part of us and the people and the whole Universe around us. Once we learn to make full use of this Energy, there are no limits to what we can accomplish. Enrico Caldari. The true causes that prevent us from feeling good 2.

How does our mind work? The 3 solutions and the 5 elements 5. When Marco asked me to participate as a co-advisor in a course that would take place in Rimini, in December , I accepted for one reason only. His knowledge wasn't rationally convincing, his way of exposing it was far from my style, and he and the people who worked with him at the time, were the most eccentric, curious and disorganized you could imagine of.

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Nevertheless, his techniques work. I've tried them personally. By applying simple procedures and techniques that I had never seen before, inner blocks that I carried around for years had vanished into thin air. Serenity, contentment and lightness, which I had long forgotten, appeared to have found a simple way to get back into my daily life.

I realized that Marco's techniques could literally "turbo-boost" my personal growth and my realization on this planet, and do the same for anyone who applied it to any area of human life. There are no limits to the results that may be obtained by applying the techniques correctly.

Il mio cuore diceva che dovevo farlo, dovevo mollare il resto e collaborare con lui. Per diffonderlo abbiamo creato Q Institute, il primo istituto al mondo nato per promuovere conoscenze e strumenti pratici per rendersi indipendenti e felici. We will offer to the festival different kind of workshops and treatments.

Our effort is to create a nice and warm energy of kindness and to give a little lightful seed to the people of the festival, which can be kept in your heart, and can manifest its real nature one day as a consciousness tree! We hope to give you as much seeds as we can to reach this porpouse. We will open the festival with a special and energetic ceremony , in which we will connect to crystals and homage the 7 directions, the 4th september at 6. People have always collected, worn and desired the wonderful gems of the earth, but in the last few millennia we have lost a lot of knowledge of the importance they have for the entire planet, their energetic force of the miraculous effect they have on us and how being able to go in connection with them and work with these beings crystal to expand awareness, love and tuning at the higher frequencies of light and harmony.

These creatures are among the oldest of the earth and have a lot to send only if we learn to listen to them, in fact, the secret is in the heart. The workshop will consist of a work on the heart, the sacred temple where we welcome the crystal energy and spread it to all our being. After providing some interesting information about crystals and how to use them we will travel around the inner crystalline mandala where everyone can experience a deeper connection with our hearts and open them up to unconditional love, the healing energy that can remove the shadow and restore the light, peace and harmony.

At the end of the meditation with the mantras received we will crystallize the vibration, the harmonics and the diamond-energized and informed water. She is a Reiki practitioner and Bars, a sacred geometry and merkaba researcher, connects her knowledge in the pranic healing within crystals to heal people. She spreads the positive thought and spirituality. Moreover she is a fine goldsmith and she creates energetic jewels due to the knowledge of the sacred geometry and of crystals. The aim of the workshop is to give the knowledge and the techniques to achieve and higher awareness on Sound and Voice.

So there will be some teachings about Pranayama and SoundMeditation with Sound that we can produce, no external instrument. The etheric consequences of the mantra will be discussed and analyzed together, and also some consequences above the other subtle vehicles. Some story about Shiva will be shared.

Filippo Bianca dedicates his life in discovering the Healing powers of sound and voice. He had studied piano for long time with Gaia Possenti, a great Jazzwoman. Then he studied with Jacqueline Ferry and Sergio Bassi to improve his vocal skills. With Marina Laurenzana approaches the Vedic Chants and starts to study the oriental spiritual teachings. Hatha Yoga is therefore to bring together this whole series of polar opposites. All other forms of yoga use only a part of these elements, mixing them in different extent and, especially, excluding as much as possible to the body and often the breath.

Hatha Yoga can be practiced by anyone, is not a religion, and its practice requires neither adherence to a particular philosophical doctrine. Claudia Ray was born in Milan, where she graduated as a teacher and continued his training in Ayurveda, Vodder lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, Thai massage. Further integrates with other disciplines such as diet psychosomatic, 5 Tibetans and becomes an expert in power and natural cosmetics, personal trainer and holistic first aid, holistic counselor, certified hour Yoga Teacher at the Sesto San Giovanni Holist Centre in Milan IYF Certified International Yoga federation.