Art, Love, and Mathematics (Volume 2)

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The books are cost effective to begin with. Therefore it does not incur huge loss of resources at the first place. Secondly, they are written by some of the best mathematicians which speak of their credibility. All these are favourable from the point of deciding considering Amazon.

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Plane Trigonometry Part Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy. Textbook of Geology. Introductory Methods of Numerical Math is an important skill for kids to learn, but many books and toys gear math skills toward boys and their interests. However, there are math books for girls of all ages. Some are geared toward young girls, while others help with high school topics. We reviewed dozens of math books for girls to find the best, most engaging titles.

It makes math easier to understand and to learn so that kids are more engaged and enthusiastic about learning new math concepts. Math is notoriously difficult to get kids interested in. It provides everything that you need to change attitudes about math and make it an enjoyable subject. By giving kids simple to use and easy to understand methods of tackling math concepts, even advanced concepts become more palatable.

Included are a range of explanations, practice materials, and support materials that show you and your kids a new way of looking at math. One of the toughest subject areas that kids face is Pre-Algebra. Fortunately, Danica McKellar created a book that makes it much easier to tackle. It demonstrates why Pre-Algebra is nothing to be scared of and provides a look at the struggles other learners faced. It is an engaging book that can appeal to a wide age range of learners.

Its illustrations are bright and attention-getting. It is also printed in a large page format making it easy to see when presenting to a group. The writing includes sound effects and a storyline that keeps kids engaged, making it a great option for reading aloud for classes or small groups. The early years of math education are the most important since they lay the groundwork for more advanced topics.

Fourth graders, in particular, could use extra help with new concepts. Math Made Easy: Fourth Grade Workbook is the ideal practice method for fourth graders as it covers all of the needed topics in depth with extra practice opportunities. It is a complete study program that introduces concepts, walks kids through it with detailed explanations, and a large number of practice problems.

That way, kids can lead themselves through the practice system and learn at their own pace. It is useful for homeschooling as well as supplementing schoolwork.

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  5. It changes the conception of math for middle-school-aged girls by presenting new concepts and demystifying them for everyone. By applying the same techniques that worked on other topics, Danica can make Geometry easier for girls to get into. This book borrows from the popular teen magazine format including articles, horoscopes, and polls to present information in a more palatable way.

    It presents new math concepts with easy-to-understand explanations so that anyone can develop a foundation for advanced concepts easily. It also takes a look at the common preconceptions about girls in math and dispells them, making math an open subject for everyone. Getting math books specifically designed for girls can be beneficial to anyone that has a daughter or school-aged girl in their family. In general, girls are steered away from STEM topics through social pressures and other factors resulting in fewer girls being involved in math.

    This ultimately leads to fewer women in STEM careers, which hurts the field overall and limits their job prospects. These products try to keep girls involved in STEM fields by making math easier to get into. Some products use different formats while others make the concepts easier to understand. Regardless of the method, they can be effective in making math a more enjoyable option for girls. Math books designed for girls can be an effective way to improve engagement and retention in STEM subjects.

    The best math books for girls should have several important features. Choosing the right level of math book for your child requires knowing the difficulty level and the grade level of the book. Every math book is designed with a grade level and a difficulty level in mind. Difficulty levels are trickier to deal with as a book can have multiple levels.

    The format of the book should clearly define what the difficulty level of the book is whether it is a beginner or advanced book. If the book has multiple levels in it, they should be clearly delineated. Math is a core subject and is included in nearly all standardized test packages. Any method of improving her skills will help with standardized testing as the key to doing well is knowing the subject matter well.

    Any math book can help your girl do better on a test. However, some standardized testing requires a specific work process to earn points, particularly in math. They should be able to provide examples of what is looked for on the test. OR What are the gender differences in math performance? There are statistics that show a difference in performance outcomes, but there is no evidence that either gender is inherently better at math.

    The differences in performance based on gender are influenced by social pressures and other factors. In many research studies, girls underperform in math. However, this is caused by a number of reasons including social pressures placed on girls at early ages to move away from STEM subjects in general.

    16 Picture Books About Math to Inspire Curious Kids

    The result is a drastic decrease in the number of girls and women that stay involved and interested in STEM fields. Many products are designed to help girls stay in STEM fields, which should help reduce the differences in performance outcomes over time. The most effective way to encourage an interest in any subject is to make the learning process easier.

    People gravitate toward skills that they develop quickly and with greater ease. Therefore, using these products to make learning math concepts easier is the key to keeping girls interested and involved in math. One of the ways of making math easier and more interesting is by changing the format of math books. Storytelling and connections to popular media formats are being used to make math learning more palatable for girls.


    The result is a lower barrier to entry for studying math concepts. We looked at 20 other math books for girls. It focuses on providing math learning options that work best just before bed.

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    That way, you can still introduce concepts and challenge your kid while preparing for bed. It also makes introducing math concepts a daily part of your lives. This book has more than math riddles provided in a format that is highly valued throughout multiple rereads. It is also the first book in a series, making it possible to continue the learning process for a long time. It includes more than different math riddles. Each one has three levels of difficulty based on age groups, as well as a bonus question for high achievers. It can keep your kids challenged for many years to come while providing an enjoyable format for them to learn in.

    Goodnight, Numbers. Goodnight, Numbers is a New York Times Bestseller and can be used to subtly teach your kids about math. It incorporates counting and math games into a familiar story to help kids practice their skills while enjoying a bedtime story. The book is highly praised by reviewers for its combination of effective and subtle math problems combined with an overall story that kids genuinely enjoy. Finding the right math book can make a big difference in how kids learn. It was designed by a team of teachers to use effective teaching methods and to meet national and state standards.