Accidentally In Love

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I just really like her, but things went unexpected after that one stolen kiss.

Accidentally in Love (2018)

It stopped but ringed again, non-stop so I crawled my sleepy body to the drawer and grabbed Scott's phone. It almost fell from the drawer but I thank God caught it and placed it on top of Scott's chest.

Accidentally in love

The best thing happened to us. Faking it.

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Waiting for the first comment……. His handsome looks turn heads and his adorable personality goes perfectly along with his role.

Download our apps for iOS and Android today. Guo Junchen is 21 years old, with a refreshing style and a tall lanky frame that makes him stand out in a crowd. He was recently spotted at an airport wearing something way too comfortable for his age and cool personality - let's take a closer look!

Accidentally In Love

Sporting black hair with eyebrow level bangs, he truly does maintain a unique sense of charm and mystery. Guo Junchen is also wearing a black face mask and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. For his top, he is wearing a simple and low-key white sweater that still looks fashionable. Surprisingly, he pairs it with pajama pants.

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  • Hot Actor from "Accidentally in Love" Shows Up in Airport with Pajamas | Hotpot TV.

This guy can really pull off all kinds of looks! What do you think of this more laid-back side of Guo Junchen? Interested in knowing more about Chinese stars like Guo Junchen? Check out more on Hotpot TV for the latest news and watch the best Chinese dramas all in one site!